Whether you are interviewing for a job in person or remotely, it’s important to make a good first impression by choosing an appropriate hairstyle to make you look professional. Your hairstyle is just as important as the make-up and clothes you wear to the interview. After all, the HR person or hiring manager will observe and notice everything about you from head to foot, so you need to have a professional look. You don’t need a professional stylist, unless you want to get wholesale hair extensions to improve your long hair looks. This way, you get a professional look while feeling comfortable at the same time.

Why is interview hair that important?

To get a job, we will always be judged by our qualifications and experience. Realistically, we need to sell ourselves by showcasing our appearance and charisma, building rapport, and showing ourselves as professional and capable. 

From the moment you walk into the door, the interviewer will analyse if you fit into the company’s culture. If it’s a panel interview, they’ll be spotting if you have poise, confidence, professionalism, and commitment. 

Things to consider for your interview hairstyle

  • Cleanliness – Your hair needs to look fresh and clean, with an overall impression that you take care of your body and appearance. This gives the signal that your overall health matters.
  • Not off your face – If you sport bangs that are long, wispy, and tend to get into your eyes and face, this is distracting to your interviewer and make you uncomfortable, continuously brushing away the hair from your face.

Best long hair interview hairstyles

Simple and straight

You can wear your hair long, straight, and loose for the job interview. You can style your hair that will give you an extra dose of confidence. Just make sure that your hair is behind your shoulders, so it doesn’t bother you and the interviewer. You can brush it out, so it looks good and tuck it behind your ears. Or you can place bobby pins and tuck the front strands back, so your hair doesn’t get in the way.

Professional ponytail

You can look sleek and professional with a ponytail, worn high or low, or even to the side. Make sure your hair is well conditioned, so the ponytail looks neat. Make sure no frizzy, flyaway hairs are jutting out. 

Side sweep

A side sweep can make you look glamourous, though it does require a good haircut and styling. Do take note that this hairstyle needs your hair to be swept to one side of your face.


Whether you choose a three-stranded plait, side braids, fishtail braids, Dutch braid, or French braid, the braid style can transform your long hair into a professional look. Your long hair will even look better in braids if you have hair extensions.

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March 10, 2021 — Shakira Trzan

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