A one-length haircut is given by cutting the hair to the same perimeter length measured beginning from the natural fall. A natural is the natural position of the hair and where it falls. A one-length haircut is achieved by combing the hair down from the natural fall and cutting it to the same one-length line. This is done with no over-direction or elevation. Not many people realise that you can have hair extensions and still have your hair styled with a one-length.

The Cutting Angle

One length hair is cut at the 0° cutting angle with no elevation allowed. The 0° cutting angle refers to the natural position of the hair as it falls. Any elevation or incorrect tension of the hair can create unwanted graduation, and the line cut becomes imperfect or crooked. 

Benefits of a below the shoulder one length cut

Below the shoulder one-length cut is the best choice for fine long hair, though wavy or curly hair can also have a one-length cut so long as the hair falls below the shoulder. By cutting the hair to a stationary guide, you can achieve a defined, dramatic, and strong outline edge. This makes the hair look much fuller, all the more for fine hair.

Above the shoulder one-length cuts are more challenging

This is the cut known as the ‘bob.’ The horizontal cutting above the shoulder is one of the most technically difficult to master as a classical haircut. First, you need to choose the falling tension carefully. Secondly, you need to consider the roundness of the neck, the ear protrusion, and other facial features.

Sometimes, in consideration of physical features, instead of a horizontal cut, the cut is made diagonally forward or backward, still using a one-length line. This is called an A-line bob. If the cut is curved above the shoulder, it is known as the Pageboy hairstyle.

But, did you know that if you have shoulder length or above shoulder length hair, you can still have longer hair below the shoulders? You can have your one length haircut, and then have hair extensions attached to it to have longer and fuller hair. You can try it at Hair Candy. Just drop by and take a look at the hair extensions for all hair types and colours, and talk with our professional hairstylists on what they can do with your hair.     

Get a hair extension and Have Your Hair Cut or Styled at Hair Candy

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February 22, 2021 — Shakira Trzan

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