Hairdressing is a vital industry that makes people look and feel great. Outstanding hairdressers understand their clients’ needs and have exceptional and unrivalled knowledge of products and technical prowess of the industry’s latest hair trends and tools. How vital is the hair and beauty industry? Hairdressing alone is more than just cutting and trimming hair. It is but the tip of a more complex industry that includes beauty salons, barbershops, epilation, manicure and pedicure services, hair extensions, and hair extension suppliers.

There is more to hairdressing career opportunities

Despite all the perks of being a hairdresser, many career options can be related or connected to being a hairstylist. Not only can hairdressers make additional income from these career-related options, but these options now add excitement to a career that can become monotonous to some.

Salon hairdresser/stylist/salon manager or owner

Why settle to just being a hairdresser? While this occupation has a good median salary, why not move up to be a salon stylist. This occupation will bring you in contact with model agencies, photography stylists, and fashion designers for creative hair designs. On a higher level, once you have gained enough experience, you can either apply as a salon manager or open up your own hairstyling salon. As a salon owner, you can oversee your salon’s operations while still having the option to do hair styling.


You can combine hairdressing or being a salon owner by approaching a company or several companies and offer to become their sales representative by using their hair and beauty products exclusively in your salon. You can also sell their hair products in your salon.

Hairstyling instructor

This is a promising career that combines being a hairstylist while sharing your knowledge and experience with others who choose this career path. Your hours of instruction will actually ignite the passion of a new generation towards the craft.

Hair extension stylist

You can add hair extensions to your skills and experience as a hairdresser/stylist. Today, many women are known to seek out hair extensions extensively, making this a lucrative market you can add up to your income. This is a target market that covers a wide age range.  

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March 25, 2021 — Shakira Trzan

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