If you want to change your hair colour, choosing the right hair colour will make a big difference in how you look. Naturally, choosing the right hair colour can be really confusing, especially if you aren’t trained in colour theory. Still, many people, young and old, seem to fancy a hair colour change, including men. So, if you want to change your hair colour but don’t know where to start, you can start your research here. If you also fancy making your hair longer while getting a hair colour change, you can get a hair extension from a quality hair extensions supplies provider such as Hair Candy Australia.

Eye Colour

Your eye colour is a significant key to your hair colour. Here’s what eye colours mean for hair colours:

  • Green, Hazel, Brown – Darker hair colours look natural with these eye colours. Deep brunettes and black are winners with these eye colours.
  • Grey, Blue – Light hair colours will always complement lighter eye colours. 
  • Green – Red hair goes well with green eyes. Brunette tones also match well.

Blonds have more fun

  • Fair skin: If your skin is really pale, you need to go for golden or honey hair colour tones. 
  • Medium skin: Medium skin tones go well with honey shades. You can also go for a couple of shades lighter or darker.
  • Olive skin: Caramel blond shades match well with olive skin tones. A couple of shades lighter works best as well.
  • Dark skin: Butter blond hair shades look good paired with darker skin tones. You can do dark butterscotch shades. Caramel looks good as well. Most blond shades work well with darker skin tones. Don’t go too light because lighter shades don’t look good with darker skin tones.

Red is fun, too

Red hair colour is the most versatile because it pretty much suits everyone and every skin tone. You only need to tailor the shade of red to your skin tone.

  • Light skin: Use lighter shades like copper blond and strawberry blond.
  • Medium skin: Use bright shades. Avoid purple undertones.
  • Olive skin: Use medium-toned reds or auburn shades. Avoid purple undertones.
  • Dark skin: Use dark reds with rich colour. Avoid really bright colours.

Paint it black

Black hair is the definition of glamour because black is usually glossy. But, the lighter the skin tone, the brunette shade needs to be darker. But, darker skin looks excellent with jet-black hair.

Hair Candy Australia

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April 15, 2021 — Shakira Trzan

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