Even if you’re relatively new to the world of traditional hair extensions or weft hair extensions, it’s not hard to learn some pro tips and hacks to improve your hair extension looks. Hair extensions can actually be used in different ways to get a variety of looks. There are a lot of hacks that can make clipping in those wefts faster and easier. Let’s uncover some of these hacks for your extensions.

Hide that hair elastic using a 1-clip weft

To create a voluminous ponytail, you can use your hair extension to maximum effect. You can use a single weft to hide your hair elastic and get a polished look. Wrap the 1-clip weft around your hair to hide it. This elevates the look of the ponytail.

Clip hair extensions in upside down when wearing a ponytail

Hair extensions are great for ponytails, but you need to clip them in upside down to avoid bumps when the wefts are clipped in. Clip the wefts in upside down to make sure they lay flat when you pull your hair into a ponytail.

Pre-curl weft extensions the day before an event

Are you attending a major event tomorrow? Use a hair extensions hanger to style and curl. After curling, roll up the curls and pin them in place with a bobby pin. Unravel the extension when you are ready to wear them. When you need to do other styling with your extensions, do it with the hair extensions hanger. It makes your job easier. 

Store any hair extension properly to extend its lifespan

Properly storing your hair extensions ensures that they last a long time and won’t get tangled in between wearing them. You need a proper hair extension carrier for this. It will keep extensions tangle-free and prevent any damage. Your extensions will hang nicely on the hanger and is covered by a durable fabric. When not in use, the carrier can roll up and fit nicely into your purse or bag. Treat your investment with care, so it lasts much longer.

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April 28, 2021 — Shakira Trzan

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