We at Hair Candy Australia are your supplier of premium hair extensions in the area, serving you our very own brand of hair extensions. We also provide a range of hair extension services for clients at our salon at Hope Island on the Gold Coast. But with the many extensions we can offer you (from flat track weave extensions to keratin bond extensions, wigs, and clip-ins), it can get confusing as to which one suits your fancy. Fortunately, this article is here to help you with your options. Have a look at the various types of hair extensions we offer.


Flat Track Weft Extensions

Our specialty and signature extensions, the Flat Track Weft Extensions are perfect for all types of hair. These flat layers of hair, which are beaded and sewn-in or weaved into your natural hair, are known for their non-damaging and reusable features. They can also last from six months up to a year, with consistent maintenance of every six to eight weeks. Available in various colours and lengths (from 20 to 26 inches).


Clip-in Extensions

This type of extensions is perhaps the easiest to apply. As the name suggests, you simply clip them into your hair, and you are good to go! These are great for when you want a quick, long or thick hair look for a special event. These extensions, which come in eight pieces per pack, are also effortless to remove. Pick and choose the length and colour closest to your hair, and we can style you and help complete your look for that night on the town.


Keratin Bond Extensions

Keratin bond extensions are heated and fused into your natural hair through a keratin coat at the root of the extensions. Despite the heat application, we can assure you that they are still natural-looking and won’t damage your hair. Unlike clip-ins and weft extensions, they cannot be reused. However, these are great for adding volume to thin hair types. With regular maintenance via our salon every eight to ten weeks, these extensions can last for four to six months.


In addition to our popular hair extensions, we also have top pieces and frontal lace wigs, all of which are tailored and custom-made for each hair type. We make sure that each piece sewn into your hair looks natural and tailored to specific lengths and colours.


Hair Candy Australia

At Hair Candy Australia, we do hair extensions right. In fact, we have done it for more than a decade (13 years, to be exact)! Aside from our clip-in, keratin bond, and weave extensions, we also offer hair colouring services at our salon at Hope Island, GC. We even supply other salons throughout the country and the United States with our brand of Hair Candy Extensions. Contact us if you are interested in our hair extensions through email at info@haircandy.com.au, or phone: 0452 449 001 (local) and +61 452 449 001 (international).
May 25, 2020 — Shakira Trzan

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