What makes a trip to the hair salon a great experience? Is it about the quality services they provide? Does it go beyond that? Is the salon even worth coming back? The best salon experience can be determined by many factors. In some ways, salons can easily provide excellent hair care services like hair colouring and keratin hair extensions. The bigger challenge is how they can make customers keep returning to their salon. Below are some ways one can find out if a salon is worth the revisit.


Warm and welcoming from start to finish

Some patrons are instantly impressed when they are given a warm and proper greeting the minute they step into the salon. According to industry expert and owner of Elan Studio, Kellie Johnson, personalisation, by calling the clients’ by their names, goes a long way. It makes them feel special and comfortable. It helps build a healthy and friendly relationship between the staff and the client. It goes without saying that making patrons feel welcome throughout their stay is one of the top aspects of terrific salon experience. It makes for a great first and lasting impression.


Additional services

Another factor that can elevate client experience is giving customers the option to avail of other salon services. These include massages, manicure and pedicure, nail art, and more. This cuts the waiting time while keeping clients preoccupied before getting their hair done. Offering this option just might be the extra service they need, and they will remember this simple gesture the next time they think of going to a salon.


Complimentary amenities

Free WiFi with access to Netflix. Drinks such as coffee, tea, wines, and beers. Work desk with power cords. These are some of the many complimentary amenities salons can offer to their clients. The more entertained and productive they are during their stay, the more unforgettable the salon will be to them.


Hair Candy Australia

At Hair Candy Australia, we not only specialise in hair colouring and keratin hair extensions, but we also believe in giving our clients the best hair salon experience. We want our patrons to have a comfortable, enjoyable, and relaxing time from start to finish. From working on a table to watching a movie, having a few drinks, getting head massages, getting cosy on our chairs with leg extensions, and surfing the Internet—we want you to have it all! We make every effort to go above and beyond. Visit our spacious salon and friendly staff at Shop 6a, 340 Hope Island Road, Hope Island, QLD 4212 Australia.
June 01, 2020 — Shakira Trzan

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