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Hair extensions

Can I brush, apply heat and wash my hair extensions?

Yes, you sure can! If your hair extensions are 100% human Remy hair then the extensions can be treated the same as your natural hair! Hair Candy Hair Extensions are of the highest quality so our hair always remains smooth whether you curl or straighten your locks. We do always recommend using a heat protector and a low heat hot tool (150c - 180c) when styling your extensions. High heat or overuse of heat tools can affect the longevity of your extensions and their colour.

Can I colour hair extensions?

Yes, you can! However, you can only tone or deepen the hair.  We NEVER recommend lighting the extensions. We also recommend doing a ‘tester’ when colouring to ensure the colour is the result you are wanting. Hair Candy only recommends semi-permanent colouring as this is much more gentle on the hair extensions. 

Can I purple shampoo my extensions?

Hair candy do not recommend purple shampooing your hair extensions. We do not offer any refunds, exchanges or replacements on extensions that have been purple shampooed, over toned or patchy from uneven application.

How long will my hair extensions last?

The Hair Extension life span varies for each person! There are quite a few areas that affect the hair quality including products used both on the hair and body, the care and maintenance regime, climate, water quality & how often heat is used or the temperature of heat used just to name a few. Most of our clients range between 9 or more months but this is also dependent on what method is applied along with how well the client has looked after them. 

How should I care for my hair extensions?

Hair Extensions are very easy to maintain! If the hair is of High Quality you can treat the extensions very similar to how you treat your natural hair. There are certain products that should not be used on your hair extensions as this does cause damage. We suggest always contacting the brand you are intending on using your extensions and confirm that the products are safe to use before going ahead.

What does ‘double drawn’ mean?

Double Drawn means that the hair is consistently one length. This ensures the extensions have an even thickness from top to bottom giving an overall thicker look when applied. 

What types of products should I use?

Hair Candy Australia recommends the use of our signature Hair Candy Range on our extensions. Alternatively if you are using another brand making sure that are low in sulphate, parabens, alcohol and citric acid.  We do not recommend using any products with hard proteins, as this is extremely drying and can cause the extensions to shed. We recommend using our Hair Candy Signature range as it has been tried and tested by hairdressers for safe use on all extensions.

Who can wear hair extensions?

We have a large variety of clientele in different circumstances! Hair Extensions are literally for everyone! They appeal to women of all ages as they can provide extra volume or extra length or both! Hair Candy offers a variety of techniques to suit all hair types and lifestyles! 

Will extensions damage my hair?

The damage caused by extensions comes down to how well the extensions are cared for at home. If they are brushed regularly and treated right the extensions should not cause any additional damage to your hair! 

What do I do with my extension if i were to swim? 

We recommend plaiting or braiding your hair to prevent unnecessary knotting or matting. Heat protectors are also great to put in if you know you are going to be in the sun as UV rays are just as damaging as hot tools on the hair. It is also highly advised to wash and rinse your hair in fresh water at your earliest convenience. This prevents the hair from drying out.

How do Sunscreens, Tanning products and Body Moisturisers affect my Hair Extensions?  

Tanning agents, moisturisers and sunscreen/oils are all prone to staining clothes, so if they are so prone to staining clothes imagine how quickly they can grab onto and stain your already chemically treated hair extensions. All shades of extensions are extremely susceptible to discolouration when using any of the above products on the skin will result in blonde shades going Orange, Pink or a combination of both and darker shades lightening through the mid lengths and ends of the hair.

Extension discolouration is a result of a chemical reaction. When the sunscreen, oil, Moisturiser or tanning agents are absorbed into the hair and exposed to UV light it causes the cells to break. The cells break down and seek out electron particles to form new cell structures. When the hair is then rinsed in water (showers, pools, ocean) the minerals in the water such as Copper, Iron, Magnesium attach to the hair cells creating a reaction. 

Bearing in mind these aren't the only factors that can play part when it comes to extensions discolouration. We do ask that you be mindful when swimming as Chlorine, Salt water and Sun exposure can also alter the Quality and shade of your hair extensions. 

What causes the discolouration?
  • Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane (Avebenzone)
  • Octocrylene
  • Hard Proteins
  • Products containing high amounts of alcohol
  • High Heat or overuse of heat tools
  • Artificial tanning products
  • Some body and face moisturisers
  • Sunscreens
  • Chlorine
  • Different Climates
  • Minerals in waters in different parts of the world
How long does my hair have to be to wear hair extensions?

Hair Candy recommends a minimum length of 4” for the extensions to be applied and still blend with your natural hair. We always do recommend a consultation prior to making the appointment so the technician and the customer both understand the desired results. 

What does Remy Hair mean?

We believe you should only buy hair extensions that are 100% Remy Hair. This has to do with how the hair extensions are prepared and made. All the hair should be going in the same direction with the cuticle intact. Remy Hair is silky, smooth and is less likely to tangle/matt/knot. 

Will anyone notice I am wearing them?

We all want long thick hair but we don’t want people to know that we have extensions! Hair Candy Hair Extensions look really natural due to our high quality! Colour matching is a very important step to ensuring your extensions are the perfect match for your hair, it is also essential to choose the correct application method for your hair type! 


What quality should I look for when buying hair extensions?

There are quite a few different qualities on the market in regards to Hair Extensions! We recommend only purchasing 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions, this will prevent any unnecessary matting or knotting. There are also quite a few different origins for Hair Extensions too! Hair Candy offers 100% AAA+ European Hair as we find they are the most versatile and suit all hair types while also providing amazing quality! 

How much hair do I need to order?

Depending on your desired hair look, the amount of hair you need will vary. 

For example, if you are filling out gaps in a bob you may only need ¼ (25g) - ½ head (50g) whereas if you were wanting to add length to a bob you may need a 1 head (100g) - 1 ½ heads (150g)  for a seamless blend. If you are unsure when ordering we do offer facetime consultations or alternatively you can email us photos of your current hair and desired looks and we can recommend to you what we think will work best.

We sell our hair in half head packs 50g per pack


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