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Hair extensions

Can I use heat tools on my hair extensions?

At Hair Candy Australia, our 100% human Remy hair extensions are crafted to the highest standards, ensuring they can be treated just like your natural locks. Whether you're curling or straightening, our extensions remain smooth and luxurious, thanks to their exceptional quality.

To ensure longevity and maintain the vibrant colour of your extensions, we always recommend using the HCA Candy Coat heat protector and a low-heat hot tool (between 150°C and 180°C) during styling.

High heat or excessive use of heat tools can compromise the integrity of the extensions over time.

Can I colour my hair extensions?

Absolutely, you can customise your Hair Candy Hair Extensions with colour, but there are some important guidelines to follow. While toning or deepening the hair is permissible, we strongly advise against lightening the extensions, as this can compromise their quality.

Before fully committing to a colour change, we recommend conducting a strand test to ensure the desired outcome. Additionally, Hair Candy Australia only recommends using semi-permanent colouring products, as they are gentler on the extensions, preserving their integrity and longevity.

With proper care and attention, you can personalise your Hair Candy Hair Extensions to suit your style preferences, knowing you're treating them with the utmost care and respect.

*Please note that colouring, bleaching, perming and/or use of purple shampoo on your extensions will void the quality guarantee/warranty and do not offer any refund, exchange or replacement.

Can I use purple shampoo on my hair extensions?

Hair Candy advises against using purple shampoo on our extensions. While purple shampoo is often used to neutralise brassiness in blonde hair, it can have unpredictable results on extensions due to application and may lead to undesirable outcomes such as over-toning or patchiness from uneven application.

Our Hair Candy Australia Blonde Shampoo, when used according to its directions for use on extensions, is safe to be used. Do not apply directly onto extensions.

Directions for use on Hair Extensions:

1. Start by filling a bowl with warm water and add desired amount of Hair candy blonde toning shampoo and mix. 

2. Ensure Hair extensions are damp, start by dipping each piece into the water for a few seconds at a time. Repeat on each piece until you reach your desired result. 

3. Rinse and for the best results, follow by using our Hair Candy Silk Mask.

*Please note that colouring, bleaching, perming and/or use of purple shampoo on your extensions will void the quality guarantee/warranty and do not offer any refund, exchange or replacement. The only exception to this is with correct use of our Hair Candy Australia Blonde Shampoo and proof of purchase must be retailed.

How long can I expect my hair extensions to last for?

The lifespan of Hair Candy Hair Extensions can vary depending on several factors unique to each individual. These factors include the products used on both the hair and body, the care and maintenance routine followed, the climate, water quality, and the frequency and intensity of heat styling, among others.

The duration can vary based on the application method and how well the client maintains them. By adhering to our recommended care guidelines and adopting a proper maintenance routine, you can maximise the longevity of your Hair Candy Hair Extensions and continue to enjoy beautiful, luxurious hair for an extended period.

Generally, extensions will last between 6 and 12 months dependant on the above.

*Please note that this timeframe does not apply to Keratin Bonds as we recommend single use for this range.

What should I do/not do to care for my hair extensions?

Caring for your Hair Extensions is straightforward with the right approach. However, it's crucial to avoid products that could harm the extensions.

Our range of professional-grade Hair Candy Australia products have been carefully formulated to nourish and maintain the integrity of your extensions.

Some key tips to follow:

  • Never sleep with wet hair. Always ensure your hair and extensions are 100% dry - we recommend using a blow dryer on low to medium heat.
  • To avoid tangling and breakage, always tie your hair up in a loose style before sleeping. Ensure there is no excessive tension on the extensions as this may cause slipping. A loose braid or plait is perfect.
  • Ensure you are using the correct products. We always recommend using our range of Hair Candy Australia hair products.  
  • When swimming, ensure the hair is secured in a braid before entering the water. Always rinse and use a conditioning mask after swimming to rehydrate the hair and prevent knotting or breakage.
  • Maintain your upkeep appointments with your hairdresser. This is important to keep your natural hair healthy and prolong the life of your extensions.
What products should I use on my hair extensions?

Hair Candy Australia recommends using our signature Hair Candy range which has been specifically formulated for use on our hair extensions. This ensures you are providing your extensions with the love that they deserve to maintain their integrity and promote longevity.

Our Hair Candy signature range has been tried and tested by hairdressers for safe use on all extensions, providing optimal care and maintenance.

The product page can be accessed here.

If you do choose to use another brand, ensure they are low in sulphate, parabens, alcohol, and citric acid. Avoid products containing hard proteins, as they can be extremely drying and lead to shedding of the extensions. 

What does 'double drawn' mean?

"Double drawn" refers to a hair extension manufacturing process where the hair is meticulously sorted to ensure that each strand is of the same length.

This meticulous sorting results in extensions with uniform thickness from top to bottom, creating a fuller and more voluminous appearance when applied.

What does 'Remy Hair' mean?

At Hair Candy Australia, we believe that you deserve the best quality hair extensions and this means that we only use 100% Remy Hair.

With Remy Hair, all strands align in the same direction, preserving the cuticle integrity. The result is a silky-smooth texture that significantly reduces the risk of tangling, matting, or knotting.

Who can wear hair extensions?

We have a large variety of clientele in different circumstances!

Hair Extensions are quite literally for everyone! They appeal to women of all ages as they can provide extra volume or extra length or both!

Hair Candy offers a variety of techniques to suit all hair types and lifestyles! 

Will extensions damage my hair?

With correct product usage and gentle brushing and detangling, extensions should not cause any damage to your natural hair. 

Ensuring you are booking in for the correct maintenance time for the type of extensions you have is also important to maintain the integrity of both your natural hair and extensions. 

In the event that damage occurs, it is generally a result of improper treatment and maintenance at home.

Can I still go swimming with hair extensions?

Yes you can, however it is important to take a few additional steps and keep a few things in mind before jumping in.

We suggest plaiting or braiding your hair to prevent avoidable knotting or matting. 

Additionally, using heat protectors is essential, especially if you anticipate sun exposure, as UV rays can be as harmful to hair as hot styling tools. 

Washing and rinsing your hair with fresh water as soon as possible is highly recommended to prevent dehydration.

How do sunscreens, tanning products and body moisturisers affect my hair extensions?  

Tanning agents, moisturizers, and sunscreen/oils have a notorious reputation for staining clothes, which underscores their potential to quickly adhere to and stain chemically treated hair extensions. 

All shades of extensions are vulnerable to discoloration when exposed to these products. Blonde shades may turn Orange, Pink, or a mix of both, while darker shades may lighten through the mid-lengths and ends. 

Extension discoloration occurs due to a chemical reaction. When sunscreen, oil, moisturizer, or tanning agents are absorbed into the hair and exposed to UV light, it triggers the breakdown of cells. These broken-down cells then seek out electron particles to form new cell structures. 

Subsequently, when the hair is rinsed in water (whether in showers, pools, or oceans), minerals such as Copper, Iron, and Magnesium present in the water attach to the hair cells, further exacerbating the reaction. 

It's important to note that these products are not the sole culprits of extension discoloration. Factors such as Chlorine, Saltwater, and Sun exposure during swimming can also significantly impact the quality and shade of your hair extensions. Therefore, it's crucial to exercise caution and mindfulness when caring for your extensions in such environments.

What can cause discolouration of hair extensions?
  • Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane (Avebenzone)
  • Octocrylene
  • Hard Proteins
  • Products containing high amounts of alcohol
  • High Heat or overuse of heat tools
  • Artificial tanning products
  • Some body and face moisturisers
  • Sunscreens
  • Chlorine
  • Different Climates
  • Minerals in waters in different parts of the world
How long does my hair have to be to wear hair extensions?

Hair Candy recommends a minimum hair length of 4 inches for extensions to seamlessly blend with your natural hair. 

We encourage scheduling a consultation beforehand. This ensures the service can be personalised and both the stylist and client are on the same page prior to commencing the extensions service.

Will anyone notice I am wearing them?

We all want long, thick hair without making it obvious that we're wearing extensions, don't we? 

At Hair Candy Australia, our extensions offer an impressively natural appearance, thanks to our unwavering dedication to top-quality products. 

Achieving a seamless blend starts with precise colour matching, an essential step to ensure your extensions seamlessly integrate with your natural hair. Equally crucial is selecting the right application method suited to your hair type.


What quality should I look for when buying hair extensions?

There's a wide range of qualities available in the hair extension market! 

We strongly suggest sticking to 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions to avoid any matting or knotting issues. 

When it comes to origins, Hair Candy exclusively offers 100% AAA+ European Hair. We've found them to be incredibly versatile, suitable for all hair types, and of outstanding quality!

Another important quality marker is the extensions being ‘double drawn’. This will ensure a superior look and feel as the extensions have been meticulously crafted to maintain thickness from top to bottom.

How much hair should I order?

The amount of extensions that you need will depend on a few factors. The type of extensions, desired outcome and your current hair will all play a part in determining the amount of extensions you need. 

For the most personalised and accurate results, we highly recommend booking in a consultation with you r hairdresser.

This is a very general guide:

1 Pack for Thickness and to Maintain current length  (50 grams)

2 Packs for a Full Head for Length and Thickness on Fine to Medium Hair  (100 grams)

3 Packs for a Head and a Half for Length and Thickness on Medium to Thick Hair  (150 grams)

4 Packs for an Extra Full Head  (200 grams)

 **Please note we recommended at least 1.5 heads for adding any length with our 22” or 26” ranges.


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