Do you dream of a career as a hairstylist and opening your own hair salon business? Why not become a hair extension stylist and open your own hair extension salon shop? You can learn hair extensions online from Hair Candy Australia, one of the country’s leading and experienced experts in hair extensions.


Learn Hair Extensions Online

Hair Candy Australia can provide hair extension mastery with in-depth online learning. For now, we are holding off in-person learning until the pandemic clears out. We make it easy for you to learn how to do hair extensions, how to open a hair extension business, and how to earn more money. At the end of the course, you can earn a certification that states your ability to provide the best types of hair extensions. This will earn your client’s trust while creating a steady income stream.


Online Learning

The advantage of online learning is that you can learn comfortably at home using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Personalised coaching and assessments will be given to ensure that you are ready to do hair extensions confidently before your certificate is issued.


The online learning includes group community connections so you can discuss with other hairstylists in a private forum.


There are over 32 modules plus HD videos to make the whole online learning process complete. 


Course Outline

  • Introduction to Hair Extension Mastery

  • My Story + Goal + Learning from it

  • How to Flat Track Weave

  • Beaded Row Technique

  • Air Weft Extensions – No beads visible

  • Consultation and Customer service

  • How to market your business

  • About the hair – Types of hair extensions

  • Position and Placement

  • Clip-In hair extensions


Payment options for the hair extension course include a one-time payment or monthly payment plan.


Aside from learning how to do hair extensions, Hair Candy Australia can also show you ways to build and grow your own business.


Marketing Your Business

It’s one thing to open up a hair extension business; it’s another matter to market your business to draw in customers.

  • Show-off high-quality content on your social media platforms 

    You need to take good photos of the work that you do as this will always attract customers.
  • Use #hashtags in your social media posts 

    Use specific hashtags that are relevant to your hair extension business rather than general or generic terms.
  • Timing is everything 

    Always post at the right time.
  • Promote other businesses

    Other businesses can increase your site visitors and business enquiries. For instance, you can connect with clothing outfits, shoe shops, nail salons, and the like.
  • Stay consistent

    Always be consistent with social media posts and updates to keep people informed. 


Hair Candy Australia

For the past 12 years, Hair Candy has been providing top quality hair extensions as well as supplying consistent and quality wholesale hair extensions. Besides, Hair Candy is now a prime source of education to learn hair extensions online. For more details on how to learn to do hair extensions and how to open a hair extension business, visit our site today at
October 22, 2020 — Shakira Trzan

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