We are less than a month away from Christmas and the New Year! While we are still recovering from a life that was spent in quarantine for months, it would not hurt to celebrate the last month of 2020 (while social distancing and following safety protocols, of course). In fact, it would be good to spread the holiday cheer even when we are celebrating it at home or virtually with friends and family. We can still dress up and wear our best holiday clothes and newest hairstyle. To help you get ideas for rocking a new ‘do, Hair Candy Australia is here to help you make your weft hair extensions dreams come true.

Hairstyles for the Holidays 

The Long Waves


End your year by letting your hair down – literally.  Simply part your hair in the middle, tease it at the crown to show off a little bump and more volume, and curl it in sections by two-inches. Allow your long hair to flow right down to your shoulders. This style is so easy to execute with very minimal effort to do it.


The Halo Braid


This Christmas, look and feel divine with a halo braid, which is basically braiding your hair around your head or crown to form a “halo”. The plaited hairstyle starts with parting your hair into two equal sections from the front to the back. Then, one section is Dutch braided from the nape of the neck to around your head and finally reaching the other side of the second section of your hair. Finish the braid down to the tip, then wrap the end around your head, and secure it with bobby pins. Don’t worry if you are unable to do it correctly. It takes practice to master this. Besides, you have a whole month until the holidays come around!


The Wrapped High Ponytail


Anyone can do a ponytail, but a wrapped high ponytail? Almost the same thing. Put your hair up in a typical high ponytail. Take a portion of hair that is thick enough to hide the hair tie, then wrap that chunk of hair around the ponytail’s base over and over until you reach the tip of that portion of hair. Tuck in the small portion of hair under the hair tie, and secure it with bobby pins. You can easily skip all of this and go with a simple ponytail hairstyle and exposed hair tie, but where is the fun in that?


Where to get your holiday hair extensions? Only at Hair Candy Australia


Getting clip-on or weft hair extensions to style your hair for the holidays is not just to add length to your hair, but also to give it more volume. Good thing Hair Candy Australia has a wide selection of 100% Remy hair extensions that come in different colours and lengths. To view their full collection of quality hair extensions, visit their website today at https://haircandyaustralia.com/.
December 30, 2020 — Shakira Trzan

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