Passion and Purpose

As a kid, were you always pretending to be a hairdresser with other kids, or cutting and styling your dolls’ hair? Perhaps you felt inclined to cut your brother’s hair, the hair of the kid next door, or your own hair? Maybe at one time in your life, you knew you would have a destination with being a hairdresser. Passion is needed if you want to work in the beauty industry and learn to do hair extensions and other hairstyling skills. So, if you feel the need to take advantage of the pandemic to switch careers, here are the benefits of doing so.

Emotional Satisfaction

Being a hairdresser gives opportunities to touch the lives of people and meet people who may become your friends eventually. You could even become influential in shaping other people’s lives. While hairdressing may bring satisfactory financial rewards at best, there is an opportunity to draw emotional satisfaction from your job by watching the confidence of other people grow because you fulfilled their hair satisfaction.


Choosing the value of independence at work is a parallel pathway over being in a traditional workforce. Being a hairdresser means an immense scope to unleash your creativity. You are in direct contact with your client, and you can both work out your creative ideas to produce something different or trendy.


As mentioned above, you can unleash your creativity anytime. However, not everyone will request a bold hairdo, but there’s still room for just a little creativity. There is a wide variety of haircuts from client to client, because no two heads will be the same.


Qualified hairdressers have choices to deliver their services in several ways: They can choose to be employed in a regular salon, open their own salon, or visit their customers at home. All these carry an advantage during the present ongoing pandemic. 

Provide a Variety of Services

Hairdressing today is not only about wash, cut, and dry. There are now countless styles, trends, and technologies that make hairdressing a sort of science. Many people are always looking for a professional who can provide them with a particular style or colour that their favourite celebrity is sporting. There is even a growing trend with hair extensions now that spring is just around the corner.

Hair Candy Australia

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September 23, 2020 — Shakira Trzan

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