So, you work as a hair technician, but you feel like doing more. It is understandable that what you do for a living becomes unrewarding at times, even if hair care is something you are deeply passionate about. Perhaps, it is time to move up in the world.

Upgrade your skills

You can enrol in courses to improve and upgrade your skills in various hair care services. Being a hair technician is more than just cutting, dyeing, and styling people’s hair. Beyond the shampooing, conditioning, treatments, wig management, and facial hair removal is hair extension application.

Hair extensions are made to add more length and volume to one’s hair—the more natural-looking, the better. There are many ways you can install hair extensions. Here are three:

  •         Keratin bond involves bonding the extensions with the natural hair using keratin that is attached to the “root” of the extensions.

  •         Clip-ins are extensions that you clip into natural hair. Since it is easy to apply the extensions to the hair, they are also easy to remove.

  •         Flat track weave is the latest as well as the safest method of adding hair extensions, as it uses silicone-lined microbeads to prevent hair damage.

You can learn to do hair extensions right through Hair Candy Australia’s training program.

Become a self-employed hair technician

You have gone through the courses and improved your hair care skills. Now, you might want to consider becoming your own boss. But being self-employed comes with a lot of planning and risks. You will have to think about how you are going to provide your services. Should you set up shop at home? Rent a space and build a salon? Or offer mobile services, and visit clients in their home?

You will also need to think about managing your finances, marketing your business, covering your insurance, etc.

With the right mindset and a little help from Hair Candy Australia, you will be able to accomplish all your business goals.

What Hair Candy Australia can do for you

Hair Candy Australia offers a complete program called Hair Extension Mastery that not only covers training hairdressers to apply much safer and better methods to doing hair extensions, but also includes a business part of the program where you will learn about forming your business goals and marketing strategies. It also helps you formulate loyalty and referral programs as well as cover your business with waivers and insurances. Learn to do hair extensions expertly and start your hair care business today! For more information on our training program, visit us at
August 26, 2020 — Shakira Trzan

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