There comes a time when hair extensions need to be removed – temporarily or permanently – or need to be brought in for adjustments. But, remember that since hair extension installation was made by professional and certified hairstylists, removing hair extensions should be done by these same professionals as well, except for a single exception. Improper removal done at home may lead to damaged extensions or natural strands, including shedding and breakage. This is why professional hair extension stylists are certified or licensed because they attended hair extension classes and courses.


When should hair extensions be removed?

Removal/maintenance will depend on the type of hair extension or how fast your hair has grown.

  • Clip-in or Flip-in hair extensions
  • Clip-ins and Flip-ins need to be removed daily. You can detach them when you get home or before going to bed. This type is known as non-permanent. It works for some, and doesn’t for others.

  • Tape-in or Micro-Loop hair extensions
  • These types of hair extensions need to be removed/maintained/adjusted after two months. This is because your natural strands grow and move the extensions, which needs adjustment.

  • Weft, Sewn-in or Keratin hair extensions
  • These types of hair extensions can stay on your hair strands longer, usually up to 4 months. However, some keratin hair extensions need re-adjustment every two months.


    Except for clip-ins and flip-ins, other hair extensions need to be removed or adjusted by hair extension professionals who are certified or licensed because they took up hair extension classes and courses.


    Professionals have the proper tools

    To the untrained eye, heat shields, microbeads, threaders, hooks, pliers, and sonic wave tools look like the inside of an electrician’s toolbox. But just as all hair extension professionals have extension application tools, they also have proper removal tools specially crafted for the proper removal of every type of hair extensions. These are the professional tools of all hair extension professionals.


    The correct professional technique

    Only a hair extension professional knows the correct technique to gently re-adjust or remove any hair extension. These techniques were learned after many hours attending hair extension classes and courses.


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    November 25, 2020 — Shakira Trzan

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