At Hair Candy Australia, we offer premium quality hair extensions. When we say “premium quality”, we mean Remy hair extensions, of course. If you are a mobile hairdresser or growing a salon business, you may want to consider getting these natural extensions instead of synthetic ones. But what exactly makes them different from others, like human hair extensions? In this article, you will find out everything you need to know and why you should make the switch.

The real deal

Remy hair extensions are the most premium grade of real human hair extensions. There is a growing market for the product because of its quality material and how easily it blends with natural hair. They are anything but similar to synthetic hair extensions, which do not sit naturally and are often coarse and dry and therefore prone to tangles.

Remy hair vs natural hair extensions

Believe it or not, there is a difference between Remy hair and human hair extensions. True enough, they are both 100% natural hair, but they vary mainly in terms of how they are collected and created.

Collection process

Human hair is collected from brushes and various salon clients that have recently got their hair cut.

Remy hair, on the other hand, is collected from a paid donor. The hair is usually cut from the donor’s ponytail to properly preserve the cuticles.

Creation process

Because human hair comes from different sources and the cuticles may not be cut similarly, the hair goes through an acid bath process to remove the entire cuticles. Then, they will be dipped into silicone to make them silky and soft.

Remy hair goes through a less harsh process to preserve its natural, beautiful state. Cuticles will neither be removed nor will the hair go into an acid bath.

Which type of hair extensions is better?

In terms of quality, Remy hair extensions are much more preferable. Because they have not been chemically processed, they last longer and retain their softness and glossiness.

In terms of the price, human hair extensions are more affordable. However, considering that they go through harsh chemical processes, they may lose their quality much quicker than Remy hair.

Even if Remy hair costs more, there is still the lifespan factor, which they clearly have an advantage over human hair. You actually save more when you get Remy hair since you won’t be getting new, lesser quality extensions every other time.

In sum, Remy hair wins!

Get your Remy hair extensions at Hair Candy Australia

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January 20, 2021 — Shakira Trzan

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